You have found the right place! A place where you can listen to your favorite old time radio detective, mysteries, sci-fi, westerns, comedies and more. Classics like Dragnet, Suspense, Superman, Gunsmoke, Amos & Andy, and many others.

Listen as the past comes alive with the screech of a police whistle in Gang Busters or the haunting organ music that opens each episode of I Love A Mystery.

TOTRS is the home for quality programs from The Golden Radio Age . Before television, before podcasts, great storytelling dominated the realm of radio. It's where your imagination ruled. Dragnet, Gunsmoke, Superman, plus comedies like Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, George Burns & Gracie Allen they all originated on radio. Those ageless shows (and so much more) can be found on WGRA-DB. Timeless stories and laughs from the past for today's listener. We're the Golden Radio Age Digital Broadcaster.

Those Old Time Radio Shows TOTRS is proud to offer a 24/7 continuous source of radio classics.

It's your internet radio station, without the DJs or annoying commercials. The shows start at the top of the hour, each series plays for an hour one episode after the next then the next series begins.

Sometimes you just want to turn on the radio and listen.

Those Old Time Radio Shows